BRSL Fall 2016 Schedules are Published
5:00pm Sunday, August 28, 2016

Teams are to contact their club representative with any questions.  Thank you.

BRSL Fall 2016 Schedules
 Blue Ridge Soccer League Fall 2016
Under 11
Under 12
Under 13
Under 14
Under 15
Under 16
Under 17
Under 18
Under 11
Under 12
Under 14
Under 16
Under 17
Under 18
BRSL Fall 2016 Divisions and Schedule Make Up
August 23, 2016 7:30pm

Blue Ridge Soccer League’s Competition Committee met Saturday, August 6, 2016 and formulated the following divisions for fall play.  Teams are to contact their respective club with any questions.

Please click on the ‘Continue’ link below for details on how many matches each team plays.

BRSL Fall 2016 Divisions

Blue Ridge Soccer League Fall 2016

Under 11
Under 11 Boys
Blue Ridge FC U11B Eagles
CSC Wolves U11B
GC United U12B Avengers
New River United 06 U11B White
PYSL Hurricanes U11B
Roanoke Star Premier U11B
Salem Sabres FC U10B
Salem Sabres White U12B
Under 12
Under 12 Boys Gold
New River United 05 U12B White
PYSL Hurricanes U12B
Roanoke Star Premier U12B
Rockbridge United U12 B Nighthawks
Salem Sabres U12B Maroon
Smith Mountain Lake Jets U12B
SWVA Rush U12 Boys
Under 12 Boys Blue
CVU U12B Black
Danville Blast 05 U12 Boys
SWVA Rush U12 Coed
SWVA Rush U13 Coed
VAFC Xpress 05B Black U12B
Under 13
Under 13 Boys
New River United 04 U13B White
PYSL Hurricanes U13B
Roanoke Star Premier U13B
Rockbridge United U13 B Falcons
Under 14
Under 14 Boys Gold
CSC Thunder U14B
New River United 03 U14B White
Salem Sabres U14B
Smith Mountain Lake Jets U14B
SWVA Rush U14 Boys
Under 14 Boys Blue
Alleghany Thunder U15 Coed
Amherst United U15 Coed
Blue Ridge FC U14B Eagles
Danville Blast 03 U14 Boys
SWVA Nero U14 Boys
Under 15
Under 15 Boys
Danville Blast 02 U15 Boys
PYSL Hurricanes U15B
Roanoke Star Premier U15B
Rockbridge United U16 B Hawks
Smith Mountain Lake Jets U15B
SWVA Rush U15 Boys
VAFC Xpress 02B Black U15B
Under 16
Under 16 Boys
Danville Blast 01 U16 Boys
FC Star U16B
Roanoke Star Premier U16B
Salem Sabres U16B
SWVA Rush U16 Boys
Under 17
Under 17 Boys
Danville Blast 00 U17 Boys
PYSL PC Hurricanes U18B
Smith Mountain Lake Jets U17B
SWVA Rush U17 Boys
VAFC Xpress 00B Black U17B
Under 18
High School Boys Premier
Danville Blast 98 U19 Boys
FC Star U19B
PYSL Hurricanes U19 Boys
Roanoke Star Premier U19B
SWVA Rush U19 Boys
High School Boys Gold
Alleghany Highlands United FC U19 Coed
Blue Ridge FC U18B Eagles
GC United U18 Coed
Rockbridge United U19 B Condors
SWVA Rush U20 Boys
Under 11
Under 11 Girls
Botetourt Star U11G
CSC Bombers U11G
New River United 06 U11G White
Roanoke Star Premier U11G
Rockbridge United U12 G Owls
Salem Sabres U12G White
Under 12
Under 12 Girls
Botetourt Star U12G
CSC Blue Streak U12G
PYSL Lady Hurricanes U13G
Roanoke Star Premier U12G
Salem Sabres U12G Maroon
Smith Mountain Lake Jets U12G
SWVA Rush U12 Girls
Under 14
Under 13-14 Girls
Botetourt Star U14G
CSC Crash U13G
CSC Elite U14G
Roanoke Star Premier U13G
Roanoke Star Premier U14G
Rockbridge United U13 G Sparrows
Salem Sabres U14G
Smith Mountain Lake Jets U14G
Under 16
Under 16 Girls
CVU 2002 U15G Red
PYSL Lady Hurricanes U16G
Roanoke Star Premier U15G
Roanoke Star Premier U16G
SWVA Rush U15 Girls
Under 17
Under 17 Girls
Blue Ridge FC U17G Eagles
Danville Blast 00 U17 Girls
FC Star U17G
Smith Mountain Lake Jets U17G
VAFC Xpress 01G Black U17G
Under 18
High School Girls
Botetourt Star Blue U19G
Botetourt Star Red U19G
CSC Griffins U18G
CSC Sharks U18G
Danville Blast 98 U19 Girls
FC Star U19G
PYSL Lady Hurricanes U19 Girls
Roanoke Star Premier U17G
Roanoke Star Premier U19G
SWVA Rush U19 Girls

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